Thursday, February 4, 2010

total girl moment

ok so i know this makes the third time ive written today but i am super inspired.

Now for my what i call a total girl moment!

in my mind i picture a lot and the main picture is: granted absured, but i like it, and i have to tell someone, and its far too long to text and no one but kelley reads this and im probably going to have taken it down by the time she gets round to read it. ****NOTE: it started off about steve, then quickly changed into just my dream relationship/guy in general.****

So heres how things go in my mind: I meet this guy and he is impecable. He is everything i want and could ever want. He is tall and gorgeous! he is everything! he has a wonderful personality and we get along like gang busters(lol).

We would date, and possibly even love each other. Like Simba and Nala!!(im a loser) in this hypothetical relationship i am totally and completely myself, and imensely happy! i have no desire or need to question anything! in fact, i never would have! i would have never asked why he likes me or what he likes about me.

I have a saying: that i'm a pitbull. Like you cross me or my friends and i will go on the attack! i will become this viscious little snarling evil demon. Who won't stop until i have injured you. in my past i have always had to be my own pitbull, but in this relationship, i wouldnt have to be. he would be my pitbull he wouldn't get "jealous" but if someone fucked me over, he would want to get revenge. he would protect me with out somthering. he would defend me without being a "jealous hot head". he would love me unconditionally as i would him. neither of us would cheat because we're too much in love. and we would marry and settle down. Maybe he could convince me to have a kid, but odds are we would just have pets and then have neices and nephews to take care of and play with. My dream guy would also be strong enough to admit emotions. Maybe not cry, but admit when he's scared, or when he's hurt or that he loves me! things like that would make not just my day, but my entire life! He would know the difference between a genuine "im fine" or "nothings wrong" and ones that mean "i am not ok!" and "everythings wrong!" (not really that hard to figure out) This guy would also understand that i have an irrational arachniphobia and wouldnt sigh, roll his eyes, or even laugh when i get afraid of one, no matter how small. He would simply kill it and move on. This guy would also love how huge of a nerd/loser i am... & would find things like these, or my random nerd moments totally adorable.

i know its a lot to ask for, and odds are good things wont go that way. but that is what i want.