Tuesday, November 23, 2010


She had always liked Arthur. They were once friends in high school she liked him even then. However, Arthur then seemed to have liked her, but he didn’t make a move. Being the coward that she was Jessica never made a movie either. Even though they spent quite a lot of time together and seemed to have a good time. Jessica always thought there was an undertone of sexual tension and having this being the first boy she ever REALLY liked had no idea what to do. Then tragically one day things took a turn for the worse. Arthur just started ignoring Jessica. She tried as hard as she could to find out what she did wrong. Being a year older Jessica graduated and left Arthur and high school behind, or at least that was her plan. It turns out though that Arthur is one of those people that you just can’t shake. Jessica thought about Arthur everyday for a while, then it eventually dropped to just once a month. She was able to get a different boyfriend who totally consumed her. As fate would have it though, that relationship didn’t work out. She realizes now though that this was for the best. Jessica was living her life going through her usual routine until one day she came across Arthur’s facebook. Her stomach twisted in knots. She was still trying to get over him and not be so focused and fixated on the guy who broke her heart. Freaking out Jessica IMed one of her best friends named Moe. Moe helped her work up the courage to at least friend him. Jessica realized if she were to friend him should could at least see his relationship status…so she took, in her opinion, a huge leap of faith. To her surprise and joy Arthur accepted she sent him a message and things took off from there. Arthur and Jess started out as casual hookups. She normally didn’t do that but since she had liked him since junior year she didn’t particularly care.

Things all changed on New Year’s Eve. Arthur had promised Jessica they could go ice skating for her Christmas present. Jessica was super excited she had not only never been to The Depot and always wanted to go, but she was never with a boy on New Year’s Eve. Jessica was hoping that maybe, for once in her life she would get a kiss at midnight. Arthur was nervous, for he had something he needed to tell Jessica for a while now, and he decided that 2011 was going to be a year of no regrets. When midnight came Jessica leaned over and planted one on Arthur right in the middle of the rink. It was magical! It was everything she could have hoped for, except for what happened after. Arthur not being the greatest skater caused them to crash onto the ice. Jessica just looked at him and broke out laughing. She couldn’t contain herself. She helped him up since she was the more experienced of the pair and helped him off the rink and over to a bench. “Are you ok?” she asked with a big stupid grin on her face, “Talk about breaking in the New Year!” Arthur chuckled nervously. Jessica tilted her head to the left and asked him what was going on. He met her gaze for a while then shook his head and told her nothing. Jessica crossed her arms and shook her saying “Nuh-uh! Bull! Tell Me!” Arthur smiled and said, “Later, let’s skate some more, I think I’m getting better.” It was Jessica’s turn to laugh as she got up grabbed his hand and brought him back out onto the ice.

As they were walking to his car Jess grabbed his keys and rand ahead secretly slipping them into her bra. When she got to the car she just leaned against the driver’s side door which a mischievous grin. Arthur strolled up, looked at her face and said “what did you do?” Jessica just smiled and shook her head. “Give me my keys please!” Arthur said in a short semi-angry tone. Jessica flinched slightly and removed his keys from her bra. “What’s wrong?” she asked, not moving from in front of the door. Arthur shot her a mean look so she scooted out of the way than quickly walked to her side of the car. Once inside she asked again putting her hand on his shoulder. Arthur took a deep breath and said, “Nothing, I’m just mad at myself that’s all.” “Why?” Jessica asked in a caring tone. “Because” was his reply. Jessica just gave him a soft look that read “please tell me” Arthur sighed again and Jess started to get worried, this seemed like bad news. She bit her lip but kept giving him the look. Eventually Arthur took her hand in his and told her he was angry he didn’t say something to her earlier. Jessica swallowed hard. She knew what was coming. Arthur looked down at her hand as he said, “I like you, I really like you, and I can’t be just casual anymore.” Jessica coughed. Her eyes got as big as cds and her mouth fell open…she was for once genuinely speechless. Arthur tensed up. Then after a few seconds she smiled. He looked at her and she just mouthed “me too” still unable to speak. Then she leaned over put her hand behind his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, smiling throughout the whole thing. Not able to contain her excitement anymore, she broke from the kiss threw the door open got out of the car and started jumping up and down while half-screaming in the middle of the parking garage.