Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a week?

havent talked to someone in a week... i really wonder if i should be suspicious or not... i really want to creep on his fb, but i feel like ive been there a lot and idk...i just dont want to obsess but theres that part of me that really wants to and really wants to just creep hard core... idk... maybe i should continue waiting? im not sure... i think i will wait im not sure... its best to wait and not come off as creep and a stalker, i just need to keep reminding myself that.

i just need to chill and not obsess and not creep. just breathe i mean its like 10 days till Christmas maybe things are crazy for him right now... i seriously need to stop going to worst case scenarios but idk last time we hung out it felt different... so maybe things are different maybe i scared him away... idk i give up im jsut gonna focus on the two classes i have left and work. pick up a hobby...something i need to just chill he'll probably talk to me when he has time. admitedly i shouldnt have bought him a video game for x-mas though... lol