Friday, May 24, 2013

starting over

I cleaned out my blog. I want to start over. no more whining about boys. I just want to write and express some things in something that no one will read. or some anon people may read and be bored with since I dont write anything really worth while.


I hate everyone. It's not like they seem to do anything outright to piss me off. I just want to go live on the moon. In fact I have thought about writing to NASA saying that I would more than love to be sent off to the moon to live out the rest of my life. I would be ok as the guinea pig. I'd be alone. Maybe it all started with my managers essentially telling me they never thought I've been good at my job which is total and complete bullshit but I don't and won't like them now. So I informed them I will be taking the month off while I figure out if I want to continue working there. Then I got a new job and there is this one bitch in particular who is constantly just giving me dirty looks, unless that's how her face looks! But it seems more than that. And I haven't said more than two words to her but her dogs are fucking stupid. And need to be trained about 200 times better. They never ever shut up! And the manager already fucked up my schedule. It's not rocket science. Apparently she just is lazy and doesn't care. Then comes my family. My dad is so lazy it's ridiculous. He won't even make his own dinner, at 65 he refuses to cook or clean anything. My mom is too busy playing pogo games to do some stuff. My brother sleeps all the time. For instance today i had to watch his demon children and make dinner while he was literally asleep on the floor. I wanted to scream. I can't watch a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old and make dinner and make sure they don't get into trouble or wake up their dad. Since that would just piss him off.

     But on to a lighter note that boyfriend I was talking about.GONE. Got me a new one and I really like him. He's currently at basic but will be home soon and I am so excited because his is easily my best friend. I have been so lonely since he left all these friends I thought I had never talk to me. One in particular was all "We'll hang out a lot! I'm here for you!" but then when I've texted her she INSTANTLY texted back "sorry. busy." and still hadn't answered another question I asked a few minutes before. I was so shocked and just said well fuck that. And now all she posts about is how her boyfriend is the love of her life and all that shit. It makes me want to barf. But good-ish news. The boyfriend will be home soon. He got medically discharged and said the latest he'll be home is the 7th. I'm keeping my phone on loud at all times in case he calls and says he's coming home. because I will drop anything and everything to see him. I'm that excited! He's my best friend and keeps me sane. He knows exactly what to say n do when I want to just punch everyone.