Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Post!!

So i decided to start a blog after i saw how cool my friend's was. I figure not only a.) can i update people and vent and stuff but then b.) i aint destracted and creepin on people, like i get on & do on fb.

Let's see a bit about me...hmm...i am a huge nerd/loser. it's not really explainable i jsut'll probly become evident when you read this. i go to a community college that's rather popular so it's almost like high school all over agian, except with different people and a few less clicks, oh! and no dances or football games. you may come to realize that i try to care about my spelling and my grammar, yet there are times when i just fail at it. at least i try right?

Anyways! now on to the real reason i got my blog...the venting...but im gonna actually do that in a seperate post