Sunday, March 14, 2010

blast from the past

In my second post, its called "drama" i talked about a "blast from the past" his name, well i'll call him "Mario" well i saw mario's number in my phone today, and i got it in my head to fake being drunk to open the lines of communication, i notice i do that when i think i'm going to face an awkward conversation. So!! i talked to him, and it was like the past awkwardness that was there, never happened!! it was perfect and it made me smile and i am so epically happy!! you dont even know!! like: honestly...i am so epically happy right now!! i couldnt have prayed for it to go any smoother. i love it! i am seriously, so happy! it may be a bit soon, but i think i might invite him to hang out saturday, or early friday night. except i dont want to be alone with him at first, just because of said past. I honestly don't know who i can invite him to hang out with though, theresa's way too pretty. and if im with her and wade they seem to like to gang up on me and put me down...however, odds are we could be at wade's house and he's got a pool im shallow i know... maybe i could talk to theresa and wade. but it never seems to help. idk, sara seems to be avoiding hanging out with me, which is starting to worry me. Cassie may have homework, and she lives in an apartment so its already crowded. kelley will probably be at school, and is too pretty as well. I really need some uglier friends!! lol!!

i dont know, is it too soon to invite him to hang out? is that weird? idk! i need advice on this one, if anyone is reading this please help!!