Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So. The boyfriend is supposed to be home this week. And I'm super pumped but I work every damn day except Saturday and now they want me to cover a shift then too. I love the dogs but it'd be a little much... I just wish I could drive down there and pick him up and not have to wait for them to finally put him in a plane. I knew it'd be a bunch if hurry up and wait but this shit is really getting old and I'm getting irate. I have tickets for us to go the Twins game in my birthday and I'm getting nervous he won't be home. And if he's not I might be writing some hateful fucking letters. Because this is just some bullshit.

Oh and to make things even more awesome, I have fallen completely in love with a foster puppy at work. His name is Spots and he is by far the smartest, and cutest, and cuddliest, and gentlest puppy ever! I get sad every time I have to leave him. I know I'll cry when he gets adopted because I want him to be my puppy. I already kinda feel like he is my puppy... Except the problem is I'm too poor to not live at home and my parents are dead set against a dog. But I know if my mom spent 5 minutes with my Spotsie she would love him too. But no!! I'm just so angry. I have no boyfriend, my cat is an asshole, & not really any friends... The only person I've connected to lately, isn't a person, but a darn dog and I will be working enough to feed him and pay for his shots. The only thing is exercise but he'd get to come to work with me for free so that's not an issue. I just want to be even slightly happy... Not pissed off all the time. I know there are way more important things to worry about in this world. But right now, I kinda don't care. Give all my stuff away. Take away my house and my closet, and my shoes. I will still just want Spots. I am willing to adopt him and live in my car, he will be perfectly taken care of, me not so much. But he won't ever go hungry. I just wish my parents saw that I am a competent adult and actually put thought into their answer not just saying no.

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