Sunday, June 9, 2013


Came to the realization that I am probably going to die an evil old curmudgeon who sits on her porch with her cats, and dogs, and shoots paintballs at children as they pass by. I don't like anyone. I don't feel like my standards are too high. I just want respect when I not only respect people, but bend over backwards for them.

    Example: I buy you this that and the other things that you had wanted and now you probably won't even buy me one birthday present even thought I bought you 2 and 2 Xmas presents.    It's not about the presents it's the fact that I try to put a lot of effort and thought into things like that and your probably going to buy me the one thing I told you I want. Not something that takes any thought or love. It's not about price, you could buy me Pokemon red for $5 at Mr. Zero's, something I've said I loved and missed. And I'd love it!  Or the simple fact I picked your ass up from the airport.

     I don't know every day I just want to hurry up and graduate my program so I can move as far away as I've dreamed. Maybe I'll go to Canada, or Texas or New Hampshire or Boston... Anywhere but here. I don't like anyone...

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