Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shitty day

A. Read my post from yesterday, wow autocorrect and blogging while watching tv do not mix well haha.

B. today sucked major balls. Class was cancelled, I didn't remember UNTIL I got to school. Then I went to work because the manager for today skipped town. I understand she had majorly upsetting news; however, I just don't understand why she didn't leave AFTER her shift today. Maybe it's just me but I consider that common sense. So we struggled through the day. It was bad. The place didn't get burnt down but it wasn't good. :\   Now I'm trying to take a nap but I can't sleep because I have this fear that the boyfriend will call and I won't wake up to hear my phone and he'll be stuck at the airport or he'll have to call someone else and I won't get to see him. Also every hour that passes and he's not home or hasn't called to say he's coming home I get more and more anxious that he won't be home for my birthday. I know that sounds so spoiled and so stupid when there are people whose husbands and wives are deployed to war zones where they are risking their lives every day and won't be home for a year if not longer. Or people whose loved one has died and is never coming home. But I was so excited because he was going to be home for my birthday... Yeah I understand shit happens but I can't help how I feel no matter how illogical and selfish it may be.

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