Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yet another reason to hate my family.
        Every night there's the discussion of what's for dinner. Where are we going, what are we ordering, what are we going to make? The problem is, no one ever goes fucking grocery shopping until Friday and only ever buys enough food to make for the weekend because the grandkids are here. Nevermind the rest of us that have to be here for meal times. There's milk, eggs, and random collections of half eaten moldy meals from I don't know when in the fridge. It doesn't matter how many times I clean it out either. I feel they're somehow transported in from other family's fridge. Your hotdish from two weeks ago that you thought got pushed to the back of the fridge actually fell through a portal and landed in mine. Oh and it looks and smells disgusting, thanks!  Then there's the fight of are we gonna go somewhere or order something. I try to call my mom before she leaves work to figure out what's for dinner. So if I decide on something she can stop on the way home because god forbid she could come home and then we or I drive somewhere else. That would mean using precious pogo gaming minutes. And points and whatever the fuck she's not earning.  It's good to have a hobby but this is an obsession. I mean sure she doesn't really do anything else with her life, but maybe she could hang out with all the friends she says she has. I know there's one woman she hasn't talked to in years! She should call her and get stupid Bloody Mary's or something. But no, comes home and sits at the computer or lays in bed on her laptop. Oh! And gets this! Complains about her weight. Uhhh... How about we use the treadmill for more than a play place for the grandkids?! I just don't get it. And one walk at 1.5 mph or maybe 2 mph for maybe a mile or 2 isn't going to burn that many calories, how about you speed it up! And do it more often!   In my walking gym class we had to be walking at 4 mph in order to burn enough calories and do all these other exercises (squats, push ups, etc) but she seriously doesn't do anything. I know I'm not a size 2 but I try to eat just sometimes loses to ice cream or hot dogs and I try to go to the gym as often as possible but I have class m-thurs and work almost every weekend and have to study. Soon I'll be starting my second summer class and will have even less time and I'll want to see the boyfriend when he comes home... So I may not be at the gym as much as I want but at least I know how to go to the gym.  I'm sorry but it's a proven fact you absolutely can NOT lose weight by eating more calories than you burn! Simple scientific fact. Call me a bitch but it's all true. You can't lose weight sitting on your fat ass and wishing it to go away. I know, I have tried and some days I still try. But it only goes away if you put in the work and effort. I just want to get out of this hell hole! I don't care if I can't afford to eat, I need to get out of here before I turn into The Hulk and start smashing things. And hey! It'd help me lose weight! Lol kidding.   ...kinda... But I do need out.

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